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I’m so glad to meet you! Please take a look around and let’s see where our life journeys intersect. I bet we will find that we have something, or even many somethings, in common.

God’s Blessings to You!

Beth Speaks

Beth’s variety of interests, expertise and education gives her a wide range of topics which she can speak about. She is an ordained minister, spiritual director, and philanthropist.

Beth’s Videos

Watch Beth’s interviews on Jesus and the Secret as well as clips from her speaking engagements. You’ll get an idea of how her energy and passion captivate and inspire her audience.

Beth’s Blog

Keep up with Beth’s new blog posts as she develops the content for her upcoming book, At the River’s Edge, as well as shares blog posts from Jesus and the Secret.

My Newest Blog Post

Separation and Division Meet Love

0e804d0I have been watching the progress of the so-called Islamic State (IS) with a heightened sense of awareness of how extremism in ANY religion can lead to extreme separation and division. Separation and division create a mind-set where it almost becomes not only okay, but praiseworthy, to be intolerant, hostile and, ultimately, violent. Many people [...]

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Newest Book

Jesus and the Secret comes from a place that welled up within me after seeing the movie The Secret. I realized that there were some teachings brought up in the movie which had biblical foundations. After reading one book after another written by Christian authors that really missed the spiritual application of the law of attraction, I wanted to write a book which shows where the Bible teaches some of these same principles.

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