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The seeds of inspiration for Business Voices come from Beth’s childhood experiences in Eastern Tennessee and were watered by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin brand mogul and co-creator of the B Team.

The Speaker

Many people who sit in the audience when Beth speaks find themselves stirred to action. The stories she tells to illustrate her action steps connect deeply at the heart level. Her passion and enthusiasm for her topics create a profound impact.

The Author

Beth has been a natural writer all of her life. She laughs about the sense she has that as long as she has her journal or MacBook with her so she can write, she is always at home – no matter how far and wide she travels.

The Humanitarian

While Beth does not hang her hat on accolades, she is pleased to have been named Humanitarian of the Year by the Red Cross along with her husband, Ivan, and also by the Leroy Haynes Center for Children and Family Services.

The Wife & Mother

Beth and Ivan have been married over 25 years. They attribute the success of their marriage to the strong commitment they have to each other and their family. Her young adult kids completely enrich her life. “Mom” is her favorite hat of all.

Beth is the essence of intelligence, education, inspiration, grace, beauty, health and wellness. She is absolutely a top-level speaker. She is so polished, and yet very engaging and authentic simultaneously. Beth’s timely information and research, together with the charisma and energy with which she delivers every time, moves me to highly recommend her to anyone looking for one of the best world-class speakers.

Sheli Gartman – CEO Ignite Souls Global

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It’s a good thing that I love to travel! Keep up with me here with my event calendar. I hope our paths cross somewhere, sometime soon.

december, 2017

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