14079932_10208620543003456_64818284935630049_nHave you noticed that my blog posts have been few and far between? I told my good friend, Gabe O’Neill, the other day that “I need to have more space in my head in order to write.” Can you relate? When life gets too full (read: too busy), it’s hard for me to have the creative flow that I experience when there is more space in my head.


I am finding that there are seasons of life that are fast and then there are seasons that are even faster! I’m in one of the “even faster” seasons, and it’s been a LONG one. Lately my life has been full of travel – opportunities to make new memories, new friends, and plant new seeds. And yet, I can hear home whispering in my ear saying, “Don’t forget about me. I need you, too.”


I don’t like blogs where it’s just the author writing a one-way conversation. I love seeing dialogue and interaction on blog sites. So here’s what I would ask of you: what do YOU do when life is going so fast that you feel like there is not enough space in your head? Will you please share with me and others who may need to hear it directly from you the things that help you regain your own equilibrium?


I used to write for a blog site that did not allow comments on any of their blogs. THAT didn’t last too long for me, I can assure you! My blog is not like that. You can share as much as you feel like sharing. I suspect that your experiences in this arena will help a lot of us.


And thanks in advance for your brilliance! It’s just what I needed. It’s just what a LOT of us needed.