As a young chiropractic assistant, I remember hearing over and over from my doctor/boss, “The Power that made the body heals the body.” It became ingrained in my belief system. This week I got a dramatic example of this truism.

If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that Tuesday I burned the tips of my fingers so badly that my skin sizzled! I bought a new food processor, read all the instructions, plugged it in and used it to make almond butter for my Beth’s Healing Body Bars. After processing the almonds, I removed the top, reached for the metal pin at the top of the blade and SIZZLE!!  Yowwwwwww!

After immediately grabbing my saran wrap and wrapping the two fingers tightly (my forefinger and thumb) so the blisters would not be so bad─a trick I learned from a young British friend, Nicholas)─I pored over the instruction manual to see if I had missed the warning to avoid the metal pin upon completion of processing the food items. Nope, it wasn’t in there. Of course, I should have been more alert, but there you have it.

I was in so much pain that I held an ice cube between my saran-wrapped fingers with tears in my. For 20 minutes! Each time I tried to unwrap my fingers to survey the damage, the pain would intensify and I wound the plastic wrap tightly back around them. While sitting there, now holding a gel ice pack between my thumb and forefinger, I checked the Mayo Clinic website for information about second and third degree burns, just to know the status of my injury. I guess it was about an hour before I removed the plastic wrap, applied a generous amount of Neosporin and bandaids.

Great, I thought. I’m on vacation and my fingers are out of commission for cooking, shampooing, typing, and what about the finger swipe security option I had just initiated on my computer? No-Go…sigh.

Let me tell you, when I got up the next morning and prepared to change the bandaids and apply fresh Neosporin, the burn on my index finger was barely even noticeable, just a little white in that spot! And I could rub my fingers together without any pain. The burn on my thumb was a little bit puffy and totally white. I mean, no blood flow going to it at all. I kept the bandaid on my thumb with more Neosporin, but was able to use my index finger EVEN TO SWIPE THE FINGERPRINT READER on my computer! I could not believe it.

I switched from Neosporin to pure lavender oil that afternoon and when I got up Thursday morning, not even two full days after the burn, the blister on my thumb was gone, the skin was skin colored again and there was no pain at all. Now, you can see shiny skin in that spot, but unless you knew it had been burned, you would not see it as a scar, blister, or anything. Same with the index finger!

During this whole process, I had been showing the blisters, or lack thereof, to Ivan, who was dutifully  amazed and said he would have had to see it to really believe the healing happened so quickly. I expected this would be a two-week healing process with really deep sores and lots of pain, possibly even infection. You probably know what I am talking about, right?

It was this morning (Friday) on our walk that I connected the dots in my head. We have both been taking exceptional care of our body-temples for the past 4 ½ months, eating primarily a macrobiotic diet, taking our supplements faithfully and getting lots of antioxidants, due to Ivan’s cancer diagnosis. The Power that made the body had healed my burns so quickly, I believe, because my immune system is super-charged. It is the default program I was born with! And I am doing everything I can to “defrag” the hard-drive and “optimize” my health.

This was an external example of what is possible internally when someone has something like cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Our bodies began running a program upon conception, the very moment the first cell divided, to build a healthy, strong system to keep it healthy and vital─we call that homeostasis. And soon after birth (or even before if our mothers abused alcohol, drugs or basically did not eat well while we were being formed), things enter the system which affect the program. Eventually, we get sick.

But when we do the best we can to nourish and nurture our bodies, the program runs as it was intended to, healing and setting right the injuries, illnesses, viruses and worse. Is it possible to cure cancer using natural means? I believe it is with everything that is within me! God has made us with amazing defenses against cancer and with the ability to rally the immune system to dismantle the cancer cells which may have proliferated.

The external example of what is possible internally was very encouraging to Ivan and me. I hope it will inspire and motivate you, too!

Who knew two serious burns could end up being such an amazing experience?

“The Power that made the body heals the body.” Dr. B.J. Palmer, son of the founder of the modern chiropractic profession