Beth’s Bio

My Motivation

All my life I have found creative ways to incorporate service to others into my professional life. From being a chiropractic assistant to managing special projects for my company – BNI, and leading the prayer ministry at my church, my one question has always been, “How can I help you?” I want to know what I can do that will make things better for those whom I support and encourage.


With the global success of BNI, I have found the vehicle that allows me to use my talents, abilities, education, and passion to serve others globally – the Business Voices initiative. Just as my husband, BNI Founder Dr. Ivan Misner, and I teach business owners to harness the power of relationship marketing to grow their profits, I am teaching them now to harness the power of collaboration and cause networking to grow our youth into strong, productive, and empowered citizens.


Humanitarian Efforts

Givers Gain® has been a way of life for me, whether on a small scale, like picking up aluminum cans on the eastern Tennessee roadways where I grew up and cashing them in for the scouting program at my church and donating gently used business suits to the House of Ruth for women to wear for job interviews, or on a larger scale, such as being named the Humanitarian of the Year for the Red Cross for disaster relief support after Hurricane Katrina and building schools in the slums of Bangalore through Building Blocks and in Kenya at the Little Rock Orphanage.


Currently I am involved with two non-profit foundations – the BNI Foundation, for which I am the co-founder, and the Misner Family Foundation for which I am the administrator.


The BNI Foundation has been given its mandate from BNI members together with me and Ivan, as the co-founders: we support children and education.Business Voices is an initiative which takes the best of all of us and weaves it together to create an awareness of what the needs are in education today to business professionals whose mantra is also “How can I help you?” It shows us how easy it is to be a positive part of someone else’s story. And it has its own kind of emotional rewards for those who engage in learning how to be great noble networkers.


The Misner Family Foundation has a few areas of focus as decided upon by me and Ivan and our three adult kids, Ashley, Cassandra and Trey. Our primary focus is on Nutritional Medical Research, but we adopt other projects as a family.