The Misner Plan eBook

The Misner Plan: How We Healed Cancer Naturally With Food, Nutrition and Healthy Living

Authors: Beth Misner, Ivan Misner

When my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in early 2012, we started a journey together which can only be described as amazing and wonderful. Did you ever think of those two words in conjunction with cancer? You can read about our story and how he achieved remission from cancer in nine months with The Misner Plan.

Jesus And The Secret

Author: Beth Misner

This book comes from a place that welled up within me after seeing the movie The Secret. I realized that there were some teachings brought up in the movie which had biblical foundations.

Give: 16 Strategies to Grow Your Business

Authors: Sam Rathling with contributing author Beth Misner

This book was written for small business owners and entrepreneurs searching for new ways to grow a business. Whether you are running a start up, home based or established business, I guarantee you that you will pick up at least 10 great ideas you have not found in any other business book about how to market, sell and grow your business.

Masters of Networking: Building Relationships For Your Pocketbook and Soul

Authors: Ivan Misner, Don Morgan, with contributing author Beth Misner

Our book shows why networking is the most effective marketing tool today, and explains how you can build a successful networking lifestyle.

Masters of Sales: Secrets from Top Sales Professionals That Will Transform You Into a World Class Salesperson

Authors: Ivan Misner, Don Morgan, with contributing author Beth Misner

From the best-selling authors of Masters of Networking (New York Times bestseller, 2000) and Masters of Success (#1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, 2004) comes the next title in Entrepreneur’s Masters Series. Sales experts from a variety of industries share the personal experiences that took them from novices to successful professionals in lessons that help salespeople truly master the art of sales.