Upcoming book by author Beth Misner

I am the author of the upcoming book, Called Out of the Church. You are going to want to preorder your copy just as soon as the Amazon link goes live in June. Come back here to get the link, which I will have posted here in an update. 

I’ve been working on this book for so long–like TEN YEARS! And three weeks ago, I completed the Get Your Book Done course by our friend and my new hero, Raymon Aaron. It was so inspiring and Raymond made it so easy for me to overcome every hurdle that kept me in the pending mode for the past ten years. This program was so good, I want all my friends to know about it!

It is so exciting to have the book cover now and to have completed the manuscript, FINALLY . . . I believe you are going to really dig this book. It’s all about how to create spiritual community when church-going isn’t for you, but Jesus is. 

Called Out of the Church is the story of Helen, a woman who struggles with leaving the church while holding onto her faith. Based on real events and surveys taken of others with the same struggle, Helen’s story will bring hope and joy to men and women from the Christian faith tradition who identify as spiritual, but not religious. Helen’s interactions with Edward, her spiritual director, and a group of like-minded people, as well as those who condemn her, help her understand her journey and grow even closer to God. 
I found that my advanced degree in Theology and my role as an ordained minister who serves the “church homeless” gave me just the right perspective from which to write this book. If you’ve been looking for a dynamic way to practice your faith which goes beyond ritual and dogma, you’ll really enjoy the story of Helen’s journey of becoming a better Christian by leaving the church.
AND if you are writing a book, and like me, you’ve been at it for years (or much longer than you would have liked), Raymond’s program can really propel you through the process to the place where you GET YOUR BOOK DONE! I have a referral code for you, if you want to get into the program . . . please let me know if you want to be referred, and I’ll make sure you have my referral code. It’s just that good! 
Just as soon as the book is launched, you can come back here to get the extra content: free downloadables, including a guide for creating your very own Called Out Life circle so you can grow spiritually in community with others who are “spiritual, but not religious” and have left the church but have not left their faith.