photo by Luigi Diamanti

A few weeks ago, we talked about the parallels between the concepts presented in the law of attraction and the Bible. I realized when reading The Secret, specifically, that there is a language barrier for Christians which might complicate our ability to see those parallels. In The Secret, and also in The Secret: The Power, there are certain terms that seem confusing to us and tend to produce knee-jerk, negative reactions. These reactions might cause us to dismiss and maybe actually belittle the rest of what is being said as the law of attraction is discussed.

One example of what I am talking about is in reading about “magnetic attraction—vibration— frequency—energy field.” Our eyes glass over and we “hurry to change the channel,” so to speak. But as we take a look at Einstein’s theory of relativity, E=mc2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared), we can understand that all energy and all matter vibrate—light energy, electrical energy, sound waves, and even the computer or electronic device on which you are reading my blog, all have vibrational frequencies. Because our brains are able to interpret the vibrations of light energy entering eyes, we are able to see specific, concrete images and differentiate between colors. And because our brains are able to interpret the vibration of sound waves entering our ears, we are able to hear birds singing, our children laughing and our loved one whispering sweet nothings, right?

Scientists have further explored and found that everything in creation has its own energy frequency. For instance, anyone who has studied chemistry knows that each of the chemical elements has a frequency. Some have a positive charge and some a negative charge. And scientists have discovered that every molecule and every atom has a vibrational frequency. These statements are not scary, esoteric, or superstitious references, implying some magical, supernatural effect in our world—they are common, everyday, mostly unseen and unnoticed realities. We even talk metaphorically, in our daily conversations, about something or someone having an emotional influence on us as resonating with us, or we say we can feel the vibe.

What most clearly illustrates energy vibration to me is demonstrating harmonic resonance with a guitar. When a particular note is sung clearly into the open chamber of the guitar, a tone will ring out from the guitar in what is referred to in music as harmonic resonance. In other words, as a tone is sung into the guitar, the guitar’s chamber vibrates and causes one of the guitar strings to vibrate at the same frequency—the string literally sings back the original tone sung into the guitar!

This is harmonic resonance – a process designed by God, our Great Creator. Wave interactions and phase cancellations are congruent from music, to water, to molecules, to planetary orbital patterns. A study of this dynamic power can be awe inspiring. I love how God reveals to us different aspects of our relationship with him through naturally occurring, everyday relationships. How many times to we even say we have experienced being in harmony with God’s divine frequency by referring to being in the flow of God’s will?

Can you think of some other ways we can experience magnetic attraction, vibration, frequency, energy field at work in creation?

How do we allude to these forces in our spiritual language?

It will be interesting to discuss this with you and hear all of what you can come up with.