Five Elements Creation Cycle Copyright 2020 Dorian Prin

Qigong and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) looks at the body and healing from a very different perspective than our medical practices in the west. I was first exposed to the Five Elements theory early in my Qigong training with Master Samuel Barnes of the Qigong Healing Institute in Beverly Hills 16 years ago. I did not know at that time the Five Elements theory was as complex as it is. And I’ve really quite fallen in love with this way of approaching health and wellness and treating illness or disease.

Let me give you one example of how the Five Elements parallels what our medical approaches are: it is commonly known that if someone worries incessantly or is overcome with anxiety, that person is prone to develop an ulcer. In TCM, the stomach is one of the two organs which are in the Earth Element. And the Earth Element organs are said to be damaged by worry and anxiety.

To take it further, the heart is one of the two organs which are in the Fire Element. It is said by TCM practitioners that the heart is damaged by judgement and hostility, and that it nourished by love. We know that it is hard to love those for whom we have judgement and hostility.

This system has so much to offer us for healing and energizing the body. There is a full spectrum of color therapy available in the Five Elements approach, as well as foods to eat which specifically nurture the organs in the categories.

When I was healing metastatic breast cancer, I learned that the Metal Element is the element where breast health belongs—the lungs are the Yin organ of the Metal Element and are said to be damaged by sadness, disappointment, and grief. The lung meridians impact the breasts, and blockages in energy flow to the lungs may manifest as breast masses of all types from simple cysts to malignancies.

Leading up to my diagnosis, I had lost several loved ones who had been very important in my life, my kids had all left home leaving me as a stay-at-home mom with no one to mother (Ivan resisted being mothered . . . LOL!), we moved away from my circle of close friends in California to Texas because my dad nearly died due to a surgical mistake made in the operating room.

I’d say there had been a build up of sadness, disappointment, and grief, wouldn’t you?

My own Qigong practice and medical Qigong work uses the Five elements theory extensively, and I have learned how to release the energetic frequencies which are said to damage the organs in the body and amplify the frequencies in the body that nourish and nurture the organs.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Five Elements and how to use this approach in your own health focus, I recommend Damo Mitchell’s book, Heavenly Streams.