I recently watched Qigong master, Dr. Roger Janhke’s Facebook Live and heard him sharing about the REAL free healthcare. He said that Medicare is not really free healthcare; it’s free medicine/drugs and surgeries! He went on to say that HEALTHcare is truly free, because it’s available at absolutely no charge at all.

And I believe he’s right.

What is he talking about? Well, he and I both teach that the backbone of true healthcare is available to most people without restriction. Let’s just start with four areas where you can find abundant health, if you simply focus on them just a little bit:

Sleep: so many people do not sleep well, do not sleep enough, and do not sleep deeply. There are many reasons WHY this is so, and I am here to support you in making a change if you need to. One of the main reasons we do not sleep adequately (in all three categories: well, enough, or deeply) is because we do not shut off the lights around us that are high in the blue lightwave frequency. When I was going through my cancer-healing journey in 2017, this was one of the first things I changed . . . light bulbs in my bedroom were kept shut off after dark, and I got a salt lamp which glows in a soft, calming red lightwave frequency. All electronic devices were put into “night” mode with the blue lightwaves greatly reduced or eliminated. It will make a HUGE difference in your sleep habits!

Hydration: most people are drinking beverages with tons of chemicals in them, and their body’s tissues are “starving” for water, which is free! The human body needs purified water with minerals, so I drink spring water with lemon all day long. I even make my herbal teas with spring water, so I’m getting living water, not dead, chemically burdened water with plastics, BPAs, and other nasty chemicals which can cause cellular mutations in my body. I even drink some water each day with a bit of apple cider vinegar (yes, with the Mother).

Breathing: something we all do automatically, but most of us do not train our breathing apparatus to breathe in a way that will support our highest health. We are breathing too shallowly, too quickly, and not exhaling completely. It is a chronic condition, and it will lead to illness. My next podcast will be focused on Tai Chi breathing, and it will give you a training technique to move you from this ineffectual way of breathing (which is free) into a mode of breathing that will support your highest health. Please listen to it when it’s released on Thursday.

Exercise: you do not need to go anywhere fancy or spend a dime to exercise adequately. I read about an elderly lady who walked every day for 30 minutes around her house. That’s just great!! If you’re struggling to make the time to exercise or find you get to the end of the day and, “oops,” you did not go to the gym, walk in your own house! We have a BNI Director, YP Lai, who walks from his front door to his back door when the weather does not allow for him to walk outside. Walking briskly gets oxygen to your muscles, your organs, and your brain. You need that! So, if you have something you like doing (like playing Animal Crossings), don’t let yourself do it until you’ve exercised . . . save it as a reward for supporting your highest health. All you have to do is WALK!

Free healthcare . . . just those four areas can make an absolutely HUGE difference in your health. And isn’t it better to avail yourself of THIS kind of free healthcare so you never need the free medicine/drugs or free surgeries?

I think so, too!