We are having a spectacular display of fall color from our trees here in Central Texas. The trees are so brilliant: the bright reds, oranges, yellows, and all the variations of these three colors combined. It is simply magnificent. 

     I noticed an article posted to a local Austin news webpage about the unusually vibrant fall colors and decided to click through to read more. It turns out trees that cycle through the variations of colors before losing their leaves are well-hydrated, happy trees! Normally our trees are stressed after the heat and dryness of Summer, so after the first few days of low temperatures which normally trigger the Fall color in the leaves, our trees simple do not have the energy to bring these colors out quite as vibrantly. The leaves dry out and drop in the wind. 

     This year, our weather treated our trees to lots of fresh rainwater and we had a much earlier than expected frost over several nights. So when this trigger to cycle through the colors came, our trees had the energy to manifest this gorgeous display because they are hydrated! 

     An “Aha” popped into my head as I read this article. Having a sense of awareness of how important good hydration is for happy bodies and healthy functions of our organ systems, I still struggle personally to drink the minimum amount of water required. I got to the end of my day a few days ago and realized that I had not even finished half of one of my water portions. I have a water bottle that contains 16 ounces of water, and I try to shoot for four full bottles to hit my target of 70 ounces. I know I am getting water in other ways, such as in my herbal teas, green vegetables, and fruits eaten during the day, but I also know I want to be adding at least these four bottles of purified, alkaline water to support my lymph and blood flow, the synovial fluid flowing through my spinal column, as well as my kidney and bowel functions. 

     This illustration of how important good hydration is from the trees all around me served as a powerful teacher! Now as I drink my water throughout the day, I raise my bottle in a toast to the trees, grateful to their gentle reminder to stay hydrated so all my colors can shine in the world, too!