An Engaging Speaker

Inspires, Engages, Ignites

When a speaker is filled with passion and enthusiasm for a topic, the result is dynamic, and the impact is profound. Many people who sit in the audience when Beth speaks find themselves stirred to action. The stories she tells to illustrate her action steps connect deeply at the heart level.

Beth’s Topics

Whose Story Will You Be In?
Learn how easy it is to invest in someone else’s success. When investing in young people, you can change the trajectory of a life with a positive observation put into words and shared without a lot of fanfare. In Beth’s philanthropic work, she has come across many people who have shared how they have been profoundly impacted as a youth by one person.

Noble Networking
We have all probably heard about business networking, but have you given much though to how networking, and business, can be noble? The stories Beth shares give insight into how to use your networking skills to create systemic change within a community.

Cure Yourself Before You Kill Yourself
Beth and her husband, Ivan, co-present on how health begins in the kitchen. Their real-life experience with his prostate cancer recovery forms the basis of the Misner Plan. Going into remission in nine months without any traditional medical treatments was an inspiring experience, and together they share what they learned along the way and how it can help you right now.

Working Together and Staying Happily Married
Beth and Ivan have been married over 25 years, during which time they raised three children and grew a hugely successful, international corporation together. Their journey has been positive and not without its challenges and hard work, both professionally and personally. They co-present on this topic, giving an engaging, heart-felt and transformational talk.