I never dreamed when I studied for my Sports Nutrition Certification that I would ever need that knowledge for quite such a personal use. Looking back, I can see that God was preparing me well for what was ahead for us. When Ivan received the prostate cancer diagnosis in the Spring of 2012, I really did need the knowledge my study has given me. The change in my husband’s health has been nothing short of profound. Think about it! He went from having a malignant lesion to being in remission within nine short months. He also lost 40 pounds and has been maintaining his ideal weight for over a year now.

A lot of people try to credit me for his transformation, but he and I both know that it was his strong self discipline which made it possible. He did the hard work, and I provided the support for it.

As we travel the world, people ask us what he did, how he did it and where they can learn more about his “diet.” As a result of all the questions we have both gotten and the level of interest there seems to be at least within our company–BNI, we have started a web site to chronicle his experiences. We are calling the process Ivan followed the Misner Plan. It is his plan for restoring his health after taking in the advice from several medical professionals. While some of the components of his plan were specifically targeting cancer, the overall WAY of eating is geared for promoting a healthy immune system. You can find this information at www.MisnerPlan.com. We will be adding to the content there already on a weekly basis, so come back often.

I have been posting things about diet and nutrition here on my personal blog–those topics will now be posted at our health and lifestyle blog on the Misner Plan site. Ivan will also be blogging. He has really gotten into this way of caring for his body. And that brings me so much joy!

I must, of course, tell you that before you make any changes, you should consult your own doctor. We are not trying to tell you that what worked for Ivan will work for you…you need the guidance of your own healthcare professional (hopefully, a BNI member!) to address your specific needs. And we are not selling any products, services or coaching. We are just sharing what worked for Ivan.

I am so very grateful for the powerful, healing system God has given each one of us. I really believe it is not a “miracle” that he went into remission. It is quite logical and follows a created process which we all have access to. The body has the capacity to heal–we just need to support that process instead of going on blindly, eating what tastes good to us or makes us emotionally happy (thinking back to those days where a spoon and an ice cream carton offered their comfort–oh, you too?).

So I hope to see you over at www.MisnerPlan.com and God bless you. I will continue writing my Jesus-centered blogs here! 🙂