Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.41.44 PMI have been on the road for two years. The places I have been and the people I have met have been nothing short of amazing. I wouldn’t trade one moment, one trip, one experience or one memory for anything in the world. And now it is time to come off the road, to nest and build a new home with my honey.


When I was close to delivering our daughter, Cassandra, I had the nesting instinct kick in big time about three days before I went into labor. For some unexplained reason, I found myself one evening on the kitchen floor, cross-legged, with all the tupperware and food containers with all those random lids (oh, those lids!) all around me. Somewhere there is a picture of me in this condition – I need to find it and post it here, don’t I?


And now I am at another nesting junction in my life. We have had most of our belongings in storage for the past two years. It has been hard for me to have my things packed up and socked away in storage. I have found myself looking for something simple, like my packet of crochet hooks, so I can start a new baby blanket for Mikayla, my newest great niece, and Aiden, my baby great nephew. And then I remember that my crocheting supplies are in storage! I am so ready to get that stuff out of storage, and find homes for everything in our forever home here in Austin.


And still I have to wait. Our move-in date is a few of months away, and I find myself chomping at the bit to get in there. For now, I have to be content with coordinating the pre-move-in preparations and the moving schedule – which alone is a complicated task, to be sure.


Have you ever found yourself marking time? Marching in place? Doing a lot of things, creating a lot of activity, but seemingly not making any progress? I have to really focus and stay present to this whole process. I know that things are coming along, that time is moving, that SOON I will be in our forever home. And I have to resist the urge to put myself in the place where I am simply marking time. I’m getting ready to nest again, and I am so excited!


And I cannot wait to unpack my photo albums and find that picture of my first nesting experience. The urge to “nest” is once again pulling me down onto the kitchen floor, this time it will be in the middle of Texas limestone in my Austin kitchen. I’ll have Ivan take a photo and post it here for you!


Knowing that day is coming soon gives me a great sense of peace and tranquility. I am eager to nest again in Texas!