This morning I will be on the air with Jory Fisher to talk about the myth of balance. We seem to have this collective awareness of a need to be balanced in our lives. We even have the sense that the Bible teaches us to be balanced, but I cannot think of any passage which tells us to be balanced — can you?

This sense of needing to have balance has caused much frustration, much grief, much anguish and sadness, because LIFE JUST IS NOT BALANCED! Even the best life, much less my over-worked, over-stressed and BUSY, BUSY, BUSY life.

I believe there is a better concept upon which to focus. A concept which when fully understood and implemented will be the catalyst for a shift from being a busy person with a full schedule to being a full person with a meaningful schedule. Ah, just saying that causes my whole body to relax and sink into peace. It’s a huge shift . . . bigger for some than for others.

And it is very important to make this shift. Our peace of mind depends on it and our health depends on it. You see, when juggling balancing things in our lives–God first, our purpose and mission second, the job third–whatever your particular hierarchy is, there can still be the sense that we are trying to squeeze into those jeans which used to fit us so well. We struggle to get the button closed, then we lie on the floor in order to zip them up, but when we stand up, what happens? Muffin top! Ugh, don’t you hate muffin top?! I know I do!

Living life with a focus on harmony allows us to go through our busy seasons with an eye on the Sabbath coming. Living life with a focus on harmony allows us to even create Sabbath in each and every day. Living life with a focus on harmony keeps a deep sense of inner peace within us, living Sabbath in the midst of the frenzy.

For every hectic, fast-paced and crazy time in our day, week or month, we know there is the promise of a relaxing day, a quiet hour or a restful weekend ahead. Just knowing that will change how you go through the busy times. BUT! In order to experience this shift, you have to consciously create those oases for yourself.

What will you do to create more harmony in your life?

In my next blog, I will write to those of us who feel like we cannot do this, because life has gotten the upper hand.