For training and education, along with practical experience and nutrition as it relates to healing, Beth opens the doorway for your discovery of abundant health. Using food as medicine never tasted so delicious or felt so good. This is central to Beth’s message of health and longevity and is at the heart of The Misner Plan. Too often we eat for the pleasure of our taste buds, not taking into consideration the impact of what and how we eat has on our physical bodies. Beth teaches simple cooking techniques and recipes that bring deliciousness and health together in the kitchen.


Best Misner introduces Chef Rose in the kitchen at the Misner home in Austin.

Posted by Misner Plan on Friday, September 22, 2017

Beth Misner introduces Chef Rose in the kitchen at the Misner home in Austin, Texas.

The Importance of Color

Something I did this weekend started me pondering on how important color is in our lives—maybe in a way we have never considered before. I made a large pitcher of fresh vegetable and fruit juice for my husband and me. I juiced blood oranges, kiwis, apples, spinach,...

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A Lesson from Cookies

I made cookies tonight and they surprised me! I have been working on a cookbook for the past six months, Healthy Kitchen - Healing Body: Eating for Longevity. Usually most of the recipes turn out pretty much how I expect them to, but tonight the cookies I made...

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Spend Time – One Way or Another

I am working on a cook book revision with Laurie Kellas of a book she and her husband, Dr. Bill Kellas, produced some time ago to make available at the Center for Advanced Medicine, the clinic where Ivan has been going for these past 8 months. As part of the...

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Be Healed!

As a young chiropractic assistant, I remember hearing over and over from my doctor/boss, “The Power that made the body heals the body.” It became ingrained in my belief system. This week I got a dramatic example of this truism. If you follow me on Facebook, you will...

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Reset of the Mindset

The other day I was doing the grocery shopping at my local store and walked past an enticing display of Kettle Chips--you know the ones, sea salt and vinegar, salt and black cracked pepper, sweet onion...mmmmmmm. As I continued walking down aisle 6, I began to...

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Beth’s Healing Body Bars

When I was growing up in Tennessee, I didn’t know how unusual it was to go to church so much. The church I grew up in met for two hours per weekend and sometimes had special double-services days, so those days had four hours of services. And then there would be...

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The Future is Now!

As Ivan and I educate ourselves on the ways of the body and cellular function, I continue to be completely wowed by the intricacies of all the systems which are in place to keep up healthy. In January we had the blessing of hearing Dr. Mark Hyman speak at the TLC...

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Learning New Things

I have been a certified sports nutritionist for about 10 years. In that time I have learned how to effectively and safely do a body cleanse to detoxify the blood, tissue and digestive system. Who knew it would be so important that these things be like second nature...

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You Are What You Eat!

The night Jesus was betrayed, we find him in the pages of the Bible trying to communicate something very deep to his disciples. He took the bread they were eating and the wine they were drinking and used them as teaching tools. He told them that when they eat the...

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