For training and education, along with practical experience and nutrition as it relates to healing, Beth opens the doorway for your discovery of abundant health. Using food as medicine never tasted so delicious or felt so good. This is central to Beth’s message of health and longevity and is at the heart of The Misner Plan. Too often we eat for the pleasure of our taste buds, not taking into consideration the impact of what and how we eat has on our physical bodies. Beth teaches simple cooking techniques and recipes that bring deliciousness and health together in the kitchen.


Beth Misner introduces Chef Rose in the kitchen at the Misner home in Austin, Texas.

What I Like Most about Being Middle Aged

I have arrived: the middle-ages. At 54, it is obvious to me that I have arrived. The middle-aged body is here. I see it in my photos; I see it when I look in the mirror; I see it when I put on swimwear. And I like it.  But there is one part of my middle-aged body I...

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Learn how to make Ghee

Here's a little something I filmed to help you with your ghee-making process!  Here is what my ghee looks likes now that it has cooled and been strained:   Now it is in my pretty jar that will reside stove-side for future...

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The Things We Hide

     We all hide things from the world, don’t we? At least I think most of us do. I KNOW I do. And one of the things I have hidden from the world turns out to be something that could have been (and will be) helpful for many people if I were about to share it — to be...

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Taking Care of an Analog Body in a Digital Age

Some people are slow learners. I must be one of them. My friend, Cherie Clark, says that there are no slow learners; just thorough ones. That’s me: a thorough learner! Especially when it comes to avoiding the Overload Syndrome.   My first experience with OS was way,...

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What about the Misner Plan?

Today I'd like to take that question out in the open and see how it looks in the light of day. It was my first reaction upon hearing my radiologist say to me that the lump I had found on my breast self exam was a problem and needed to come out. "How is that even...

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

I never dreamed when I studied for my Sports Nutrition Certification that I would ever need that knowledge for quite such a personal use. Looking back, I can see that God was preparing me well for what was ahead for us. When Ivan received the prostate cancer diagnosis...

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Interesting Grocery Store Contrast

I was in line today behind a lady with a cart just as full as mine was. As she unloaded her purchases, I was noticing frozen, cooked foods, lunch meats, croissants, ice cream, cookies, and many other normal grocery purchases for the average American family. As she got...

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The Importance of Color

Something I did this weekend started me pondering on how important color is in our lives—maybe in a way we have never considered before. I made a large pitcher of fresh vegetable and fruit juice for my husband and me. I juiced blood oranges, kiwis, apples, spinach,...

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A Lesson from Cookies

I made cookies tonight and they surprised me! I have been working on a cookbook for the past six months, Healthy Kitchen - Healing Body: Eating for Longevity. Usually most of the recipes turn out pretty much how I expect them to, but tonight the cookies I made...

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