0e804d0I have been watching the progress of the so-called Islamic State (IS) with a heightened sense of awareness of how extremism in ANY religion can lead to extreme separation and division. Separation and division create a mind-set where it almost becomes not only okay, but praiseworthy, to be intolerant, hostile and, ultimately, violent.

Many people around me in the United States have been commenting that they cannot fathom that the things happening “over there” are even possible in the 21st Century. We feel that our own societies are so tolerant and inclusive that to consider brutally killing others because they will not embrace our ideology is somehow foreign and could not happen here.

And now we are watching the events unfolding in Missouri in the wake of the Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson. I have been yearning to write, and yet holding back, until this morning when I read that the KKK plans to mobilize to a town only 60 miles from Ferguson to “hold a two-day fundraiser” and to “guard white businesses.” At the New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan’s website, they state, “We are White Christians who love God, His Son Jesus and the white race.”

My intention in writing is not to make a social commentary on political affairs or corruption, nor is it to write about racial tensions and all the many valid causes for it. Rather, my heart aches and breaks for the thousands of people caught in the conditioning of the mind that promotes separation and division which makes extremism possible.

Love is the only answer. And yet, isn’t it interesting to observe that there is extremism among those who are also carrying the banner of love. In particular, the many variations of the End-Times Groups are pumping out their messages of condemnation and warnings of destruction for all who do not profess their version of the truth. How is that any different than IS giving someone two days to “convert” or be killed?

When our world is saturated with love, acceptance, unity, and one-ness, the types of extremism we are seeing every day will fall away. It will happen. I believe with all my heart that love always wins. Separation and division is simply not sustainable, because it goes against reality – we are not separated by all the many things we have put in place to make us feel separated and divided. They are not real.

In the meantime, how can I live my every day life in a way that brings more love to this planet? How can you do the same? It starts in our own home, in our own community, and in our own country.

I encourage you, wherever you are as you read this, to do what you can to increase the vibration of love, the frequency of love, in your own environment. In this way, separation and division will meet love and will dissolve more and more. Love wins.

Be love.