I am working on a cook book revision with Laurie Kellas of a book she and her husband, Dr. Bill Kellas, produced some time ago to make available at the Center for Advanced Medicine, the clinic where Ivan has been going for these past 8 months. As part of the contribution I am making to the book, I am writing our story of  health and wellness. If you are following our story, you know that Ivan was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the end of March and it now appears that he may be very close to complete health!

As I write about the changes we have made over these 8 months, I anticipate readers saying things like, “I can’t make these extensive changes,” or “I don’t have time to cook three meals a day completely from scratch.” The thought came to me that if we don’t make the time now to cook real food, not simply microwave pre-packaged, ready-made food, we will have to make the time to be ill to some degree. We will have to make the time to wait in doctors’ offices for antibiotic prescriptions. We will have to make the time to recover from various surgeries which are completely preventable through proper nutrition and dietary choices. If we don’t make the changes now which are needed for optimal health, we will have to make more difficult changes as a result of whatever breakdown our bodies deliver as a result of not being nourished well.

And the most amazing thing to ponder is that when we make those changes, the body can shift into a state of wellness so efficiently. Remember the post I put up a little while ago about my hearing loss? Well, since I got home from Hong Kong at the end of September, I have not worn my hearing aids because my hearing is improving so much that I don’t need them anymore! But that is not nearly as impressive as Ivan’s doctor saying, “I’m having trouble finding anything,” as he was performing the latest ultrasound scan.

Spending time now washing, chopping, steaming, baking, and cleaning the food processor, grater, chopping boards, blender, and cooking pots seems a small price to pay for our good health. Many people spend a lot of money and time pursuing good health AFTER they become sick. Why not spend your time now doing what it takes to make that shift? I promise that you won’t ever regret it.