As an ordained minister holding an advanced degree in Theology with an emphasis in Spiritual Formation, Beth has a unique way of working with her clients to tap into pure awareness, deep abiding unconditional love, to bring them to a place of spiritual clarity and peace, no matter their faith path or tradition.

When you are considering how to bring Abundant Health into your life, there can be no doubt that the ability to intuitively listen to the voice of the Spirit is important. Beth‘s training and experience in Spiritual Direction can be of immense benefit to you.

Those who have experienced Spiritual Direction with Beth have received clarity, encouragement, and hope. Beth humbly listens to the whispers of God as you seek understanding in your unique situation, asking you to stop where she feels the Spirit’s urgings to go deeper and open your heart to all that is there for you.

“Je suis Charlie”

I watched the events of January 7th in my beloved Paris unfolding with heaviness in my heart. I simply do not understand a thought process that rationalizes committing such violence to avenge an insult to a prophet. It is so far removed from my ability to make sense...

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Separation and Division Meet Love

I have been watching the progress of the so-called Islamic State (IS) with a heightened sense of awareness of how extremism in ANY religion can lead to extreme separation and division. Separation and division create a mind-set where it almost becomes not only okay,...

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Seek Peace

Sometimes when I am booked for radio shows, I am introduced as Theology Expert (or Bible Expert), Beth Misner. I have had multiple conversations with my husband, Ivan, about this, because it always makes me uncomfortable. Although I have two degrees in theology, I...

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Treasure Your Loved Ones

This is me with my dad -- moments before a life-changing experience for our whole family. I flew to Texas on August 27th to be with my parents during a short out-patient procedure to repair a problem which had developed in my dad's throat. Little did we know that only...

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Treating Others Well

My daddy taught me how to drive when I was just 12 years old and living in Texas, and he taught me on an automatic transmission, not a stick shift. We always had automatics growing up─I never had to learn how to use a clutch and shift. During college I decided I...

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The Greater Good

I was on the air today with the lovely Mary Ann Cadorna up in the San Francisco Bay area talking about the Law of Attraction and the teachings of the Bible as presented in my book, Jesus and the Secret: Where the Word of God and the Law of Attraction Intersect. We...

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Where Can I Go from Your Presence?

It is the time of year when many people in Christian communities begin to contemplate the meaning of atonement and reconciliation with God through the atoning death of Jesus on the cross as we approach the Passover/Easter season. I find this time of year and this...

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Sheep of this Pen

There is a passage in the gospels where Jesus says, “I have other sheep which are not of this pen.” This passage has been used by some in spiritually authoritative positions to delineate which sheep are Jesus’s sheep in this pen, rather than to allow the expanded...

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