I made a new friend last night. On Facebook and face to face. When we friended each other on Facebook, we found that we had 16 friends in common! How did we not meet each other before this point? I have no idea, but I’m glad we have met now.

As we were sharing with each other about our experiences as moms, she made an amazing statement. She said, “I got to the point with my son Mark that I realized I had to stop talking to him about God and begin talking to God about him!” Can you relate to that statement? I sure can! What wisdom in that statement from her mother’s heart.

As a Christian mom, I have raised my children to love God and to know how much God loves them. I hope I did a good job, but I also have had realize that I am not the only influence in their lives. There have been others who have reinforced what I have taught them and there have been some who have not.

I have done a lot of talking to God about all three of them and I have changed, over the years, how I talk to them about God. There have been times when I have simply rested quietly in the sure knowledge that they are each on their own life journey with God which will look different than my journey.

I believe that I need to let go of the hope or the desire that their journey will look like mine—after all, my journey looks substantially different from either of my parents or my siblings’. That has been hard for me.

When all three of my kids were fairly young, I found Moms in Touch. I learned so much from the other ladies with whom I have had the privilege of praying over the years, as well as from the founder, Fern Nichols. The beauty of Moms in Touch for me is that other moms are talking to God about my kids, too. What a blessing that has been.

At their ages—18, 20 and 25—I do more talking to God about them now as they go their way into their adult lives. And I have friends who talk to God about them, as well. How amazing is that? Pretty amazing, right?

For more about Moms in Touch, go to www.momsintouch.org and find a group of praying moms near you today!