Someone asked me today the biggest question I feel anyone could be asked: “Who is God?” I felt a strong desire to answer the question well, so I said the following:

“I believe God is All that Is. God is all the seen and unseen elements of our universe and beyond all of that. As I even attempt to put into words who God is, I realize that words cannot describe adequately who God is. God is beyond my ability to describe. There is nothing that exists which is not God–me, you, our planet, our universe, and whatever lies beyond it. God is All that Is. God is the I Am.”

This is my belief . . . and I am so grateful that the I Am came clothed in human flesh and bone to give me a way to relate to God. That Jesus revealed God to us in a way we CAN comprehend, even if we cannot express that comprehension in words–it really is a comprehension and a recognition in the Spirit, isn’t it? Is it enough to say God is the Creator? Is it enough to say that God is the Healer? the Shepherd? the Lord? I don’t think so. Those are all ways to describe God, but they do not capture the All-ness of God.

Truly there is nothing in our physical world or the metaphysical world that is not a part of God. The Life Force we refer to as God is the very origin of all that we know, including ourselves, our minds, our bodies, our brains, our souls. We are of the fabric of God. There is no other God. There is no other energy or force, but that of God.

Jesus gives me a way to relate to the I Am . . . Jesus is the gate, the doorway, the living water. Jesus modeled our ability to relate to God as the Great Life Force–the Father. Jesus opened up the conduit of expression and of love and spiritual connection. Through Jesus, the mediator and redeemer, we can swim in God’s All-ness, realize our interconnectedness, our non-duality. In God we move and breathe and have our very being. This realization is what Jesus prayed for in John 17. It is the unity he longed for us to experience. And we have the means to experience this unity through the very Spirit of God.

Is it mystical? Yes! Is it unfathomable? Yes! Is it a total Mystery? Yes!

Is it wonderful and exciting and exhilarating, thrilling, awesome and powerful? Yes, yes, yes!