I was on the air today with the lovely Mary Ann Cadorna up in the San Francisco Bay area talking about the Law of Attraction and the teachings of the Bible as presented in my book, Jesus and the Secret: Where the Word of God and the Law of Attraction Intersect. We were discussing how many businesses are moving into a clearer understanding of and focus on what the greater good of their company actually is.

For example, one man I heard speaking recently shared that his manufacturing company is not about how many metal components they can produce, but rather is about serving the people touched by the company. His goals center on how many people go home satisfied with their work so that marriages are strengthened rather than stressed by an unhappy spouse, so that families are not torn apart by divorce and so that the community is stronger as a whole due to his company’s positive impact in the workers’ lives. That is the greater good

We talked about upcycling, where companies are beginning to produce their products in a container which is NOT a disposable item that needs to be recycled, but rather in a container that is designed for another use from the very beginning. That is the greater good.

I did not get to talk about David Wagner’s Daymaker Movement through Juut Salons, but let me share that with you now. Juut stylists, estheticians, manicurists and receptionists are Daymakers. They work to make your day! And he shares in his book Life as a Daymaker that their work has transformed many people’s lives in a way much deeper than simply hair, skin and nails. One woman came to his salon to get her hair done for her death. She was preparing to end her life that night. After being with the Daymakers, she felt so positive and uplifted that she discarded her plan to commit suicide! That is the greater good.

Somehow I feel certain that Jesus is pleased with this.

These stories are all around us. I know you have a story, too. How do you work for the greater good? What is it you do which has a much deeper, positive impact on others around you? We want your stories, please share!