I’m going to split up the posts about all I learned while doing immunotherapy in Santa Barbara simply because explaining the entire list would be overwhelming as one blog post.

Ivan (my dear, dear husband) and I learned more than we ever, ever thought we would need to know in this life about cancer when he healed naturally from prostate cancer . . . not once, but twice! But just as I am a different person, with different body chemistry and a different type of cancer (invasive intralobular breast cancer), the things I need to learn to heal naturally are also different.


Here is the overall list. My next few blogs will elaborate on a few of these areas:


What melatonin is

Importance of colon hydrotherapy

What chronic stress really does to you (and why)

How the lymphatic system works

How fevers rally the immune system

Powerful proteolytic enzymes

The true power of the body-mind connection

Existence of the energy body

The strongest force in the universe

Who is Elisabeth?

The illusion of time


As I read back over my journal entries today from the three weeks I was having immunotherapy in order to prepare this list, I re-lived clearly how “up,” totally focused, positive, open, and like a sponge I was. I arrived knowing already that my tumor was shrinking and excitedly ready to embrace the next phase of my healing journey. I also arrived knowing that I had a lot of inner, heart work to do. I knew I had gotten completely out of touch with my “inner life” and had been letting the tail wag the dog, so to speak. I was looking forward to having three weeks to center and reconnect deeply with God and my heart.


I had no fear. I had come to know enough about how quickly the body can heal when we provide it with what it needs to do its pre-programmed work, not only from Ivan’s personal experience, but also from other people’s testimonials and many functional/integrative doctors’ (with whom we had personal contact) experiences. And, like I mentioned, it was clear that my body was responding quickly to the course correction I was already making.


And yes, I am getting ready to publish a book about my story. Ivan’s story has been published now (Healing Begins in the Kitchen) and will be ready to pre-order in a short couple of weeks – Yay!! Now it is my turn to tell another amazing, but completely realistic, story about healing cancer naturally. This is not something we are so special, strong, educated, wealthy, or lucky to have been able to do. It’s happening all the time around you all over the world with people from all walks of life, of all ethnic and social groups!


So, since I still have about 300 words left to this post, let me start with one of the items on my list:


Melatonin – I had no idea how connected this hormone, which is excreted by the pineal gland and other body tissues, is to our immune systems. Remember the horrid yellow light bulbs in my apartment I wrote about in my last post? There was a very strategic reason for those yellow bulbs. Some of you already know that the blue light spectrum (emitted from computers, mobile devices, and tablets) has a negative impact on the body’s release of melatonin. The level of circulating melatonin keeps our circadian rhythms in sync, so we have a natural, human sleep cycle. Sleep is critical to the body’s detoxification processes and supports a healthy immune system.


The red and yellow light spectrums do not impair the body’s melatonin production. Isn’t it interesting to realize that before electricity, all of our nighttime light was in the red and yellow light spectrums from either candlelight or firelight? Needless to say, I did not go out and buy “cool daylight” bulbs to put in the light fixtures.


I like Dr. Mercola’s information. Here is a very thorough article he wrote about this hormone:

Benefits of Melatonin.

In this article, he explains how melatonin has a positive impact on healing cancer, as well. Fascinating!


As a result of what I learned about melatonin, I retreat “into darkness” when the sun goes down. I head in to our master suite to watch hilarious videos of cats, dogs, goats, and kids on my “night mode” iPad, do my final Five Elements qigong session, meditate and pray until about 10 PM, when I can no longer keep my eyes open. I got a large Himalayan salt lamp which emits a relaxing, soft glow in my room. This is my new normal, and I’m loving it!


Stay tuned for my next installment of “Things I Learned in Santa Barbara,” and be well.