Previously I posted about the things I learned while doing my immune therapy in Santa Barbara at the Issels Center. You may have noticed that my list includes some pretty random things, and that not all of the items on my list appear to be health related.


As a reminder, here is my list:


What melatonin is

Importance of colon hydrotherapy

What chronic stress really does to you (and why)

How the lymphatic system works

How fevers rally the immune system

Powerful proteolytic enzymes

The true power of the body-mind connection

Existence of the energy body

The strongest force in the universe

Who is Elisabeth?

The illusion of time


Since most of my recent posts have been connected to physical health, this post will move to the emotional/spiritual side.


The true power of the body-mind connection: Hundreds, if not thousands of books have been written on the power of the body-mind connection. It is supported in the scriptures of most religious traditions, certainly my faith tradition: Christianity.


When my husband, Ivan, was diagnosed with prostate cancer, for the first time we heard people asserting that specific emotions have been linked to the development of prostate cancer. I have to say that we were not totally convinced of that. Our minds were just too influenced by the “West” to find these claims very credible.


The same assertions began to come out again after I learned that my tiny tumor contained malignant cells. There are practitioners who use the emotional approach alone to help people recover their health, and it works! Slowly, my western-leaning mind began to relax and consider, “What if?”


And then I re-read a book I have, The Genie in Your Genes. In this book, Dawson Church gives an extensive, scientific explanation about (among other things) psychoneuroimmunology and how emotions alone can cause the body to switch on tumor-suppressor genes and switch off oncogenes.


Concurrently as I was reading Dawson Church’s book, I was taking a deeper dive into the Chinese energy healing modality I have been practicing with my qigong master for over a decade. What I was studying led me to fully embrace the reality that emotions stimulate healing in our bodies, or on the flip side, can tear down our health.


Moving into a more reflective, heart-open space while in Santa Barbara, I took a look back at my emotional health over the past few years. Most all of the high-level stress events that rack up the highest points on the stress-o-meter have happened to us. We lost both of Ivan’s parents; we moved, not once but about five times; my job changed three times; travel was so intense, that being home more than 12 days in a row was a rare event; two of our children moved far from home, and my beloved dog, LJ, died. Oh, and by the way! My mate was diagnosed with cancer.


I did nothing specific during this time of enormous stress to intentionally offset the impact these events had on my immune system. It takes conscious focus on positive emotions like happiness, contentment, joyfulness, gratitude, and peacefulness to keep our bodies on the right side of health.


While in Santa Barbara, I embraced the proven power of psychoneuroimmunology, and I started to marinate my mind and my body in positive emotions, saying out loud, “I am happy. Happiness is filling my body: every molecule and every cell,” or “I am contented. Contentment is filling my body: every molecule and every cell.”


And so I began to harness this healing capacity with gusto.


The strongest force in the universe: I knew academically what the strongest force in the universe is: Love. But I had never USED this force as a physical healing strategy. I learned how to use LOVE as a healing force.


I had never considered taking the perspective of being merged with love. I always viewed love as an attribute I should have or a fruit that my life should bear. I did not consider that I actually am love. Moving to this orientation helped me have a sense of love for my damaged cells.


These cells in my breast are not my enemy. They are actually part of my body! And they are trapped. They have lost their way. All I was doing then (and continue to do now) is directed toward helping these cells regain their natural cycle. And in doing so, I am not in a battle, a fight, or a war. I am on a healing journey.


Fully stepping into the most powerful force in the universe is the highest healing I could ever hope to have, and it is very different from having love, acting with love, extending love, and expressing love.


What happens in my body after this will be a denouement.