I recently started teaching the Chinese meditative, energetic practice of Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) at the Lake Austin Spa Resort. Each morning before I teach my class, I lead a guided meditation to set the daily intention for the guests that carries them through the entire day. This week, the Wednesday intention was “Peace.” [Click on the image below to view my intention-setting meditation video.]

Daily Intention – Peace
© Elisabeth Misner 2018

I am confident we all agree that there could be (and needs to be) a lot more peace in our world. But do you really believe you can have a substantial impact on creating this shift?

Yes, you can!

By expanding the peace in your own environment, your own community, family, and workplace, you can make an incredibly meaningful impact on increasing the overall level of peace in our world. What if every single person reading this blog made a commitment to increase the level of peacefulness just within themselves? Could you imagine what a profound impact that could have on the world?

This impact would come through the numbers of people who would absorb your peace into themselves. Peace has a way of multiplying and growing on an energetic level whenever it is experienced by others. Transmitting peace is one of those non-verbal processes that happens when you come in contact with a highly peaceful person.

Have you found yourself simply absorbing the peace of someone else around you?

There are not enough someones like that around.

You might as well be one of them!

I hope my intention-setting exercise helps you tap deeply into more peace within so that the peace without can grow and expand.

Be blessed!

“Strive for peace and promote it.” Psalm 34:14 New English Translation