I have been having a challenge lately with a couple of my ribs in the back where they attach into the thoracic spine. Called “Slipping Rib Syndrome,” this condition can create a lot of pain in the body that radiates in all kinds of surprising directions. What has been challenging me is that it will feel better, and I’ll move back into my normal routines, and then it will happen again, and I’m in pain again.

The recovery period seems to be about ten days, and I was just at the end of one of these periods when I slipped in some water yesterday on my bathroom tile and jarred my spine as I caught myself in order that I not fall all the way down to the floor. I spent the last few hours of the day yesterday having severe muscle spasms.

When it was time to go to sleep for the night, I was not sure how I was going to actually lie in the bed, so I chose instead to try to sleep in a recliner chair, thinking it would be easier to get up out of that chair than to struggle to try to get up out of the bed. When I first got into the chair with pillows arranged all around me, my body was just quaking with muscle spasms, so I quickly plugged my headphones into my iPhone and turned on a one-hour Yoga Nidra. Within the opening 4 minutes of cueing me to relax, the meditation guide had successfully quieted ALL the spasms, and I was able to complete the practice and slip into sleep.

This morning when I went to my chiropractor, Dr. Jimmy, he noticed that I was feeling beat down by having this flare-up after working so hard for the past ten days to move into stability. Tears formed in my eyes. Then he said:

Tomorrow is a new day. And it will be better.

Ahhh, that was like hearing music to my ears. It’s true, I have tomorrow, and I know it will be better. I’m leaning into this mindset: Tomorrow is a new day! I’ve been giving myself pep talks all day today, as well as praying, taking it easy, and doing some very light, gently muscle work to support the ligaments and tendons in my back while taking really big, deep breaths.

It’s already a lot better, and it’s still today! I will be happy in the morning to see how much more improvement there is tomorrow. I hope this phrase will bring some quiet anticipation to you if you’re suffering something painful today because it’s true: Tomorrow is a new day.