This is me with my dad — moments before a life-changing experience for our whole family. I flew to Texas on August 27th to be with my parents during a short out-patient procedure to repair a problem which had developed in my dad’s throat. Little did we know that only a short time after this photo was taken my dad would be on life support and in a medically induced coma due to a surgical mistake! Little did we know that my three days with them would turn into a full month and that both my siblings would be joining me in Texas to come together in a way we never have done before in our lives.

It’s situations like this which give life such depth, breadth and character–so many lessons come from the challenges we experience, don’t they? I was commenting to my dad weeks after this photo was taken that I was very impressed with how our whole family really came together and worked as a well-oiled machine, each of us doing what he or she does best. We really fit together like puzzle pieces, our strengths and areas of expertise fitting together to make up a team my parents both needed during this time.

I am still grinning from my dad’s question one of the days we were together, after I showed him a photo I had posted to Facebook with a prayer request for his recovery, “Why do you put so much up on the Internet?” I wish he could see YOU as you are reading this post. I wish he could have heard YOUR prayer for him as we kept you updated on the situation. I wish he had been there when the gate agent at American Airlines in Ontario, CA, asked Ivan when he was checking in for his flight to Texas to visit our family: “Are you Beth Misner’s husband? How is her father?” I wish he could have been with me in Paris, Manchester, Dublin and London last week to hear you asking, “How is your dad doing now, Beth? Is he continuing to recover? We have been praying for him.”

Even though he does not know you personally and maybe I don’t even know you personally, if you were praying with us during his month-long hospitalization and cascading effect of medical complications, we all want to thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for caring enough to spend time praying for Dad and for us. We felt your spiritual intercession and the strength from God which you requested to have sent to us. We sensed the presence of the angels you prayed to be in the room with not only with us, but also the surgeons and nurses. (We circled up with them and prayed for them in the room, as well.) It was quite amazing.

At one point, my sister, Tammy, made the comment that she was thinking she wanted very much to rejoin her life. Then she had the thought that THIS was her life and it included all the unexpected events of this moment. It was exactly what it was meant to be and it was perfect in all its difficulties. I know that we will continue to see down the road all the ways God was there and moving in everything that happened.

I just wanted to express the fullness of my heart and gratitude for all your incredible, powerful and indispensible support . . . from ALL of us, even though you may not even have known all our names. You made a difference. You touched our lives in such a profound way and we are extremely humbled by the outpouring of your love and concern. While the members of my family are certainly most cherished loved ones, you are, too. And you are treasured.

Simply put:

Thank you.

And Dad, this is why I post so much on the Internet!

Beth Misner

John, Mary, Tammy and Jon Prevo