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Hi, I’m Beth Misner, and I want to welcome you to the first episode of the Abundant Health podcast. I’m glad you’re joining me today, and I hope you’ll come back over and over. In my weekly podcast, I plan to share stories, strategies, and practical information about creating abundant health. My focus is three-fold: body, mind, and spirit. I believe abundant health needs all three of these areas to be working together, just like a three-legged stool! I’m bringing over 35 years of experience in health and wellness to this podcast series. My experiences and the things I have learned along the way will benefit YOU so you don’t need to make the same mistakes I did. And hey, if you’re thinking: Beth, I’ve already made a lot of mistakes, well then, we’re in this together.  

On most of my podcasts, I’ll be solo; but from time to time, I’ll be bringing on really interesting people as guests, and I know you’ll love them as much as I do.  

Speaking of love, sounds like a great topic for our first episode. So let’s jump right in!  

Did you know love can actually be a health treatment? It’s true!  

Most of us know love is important for a healthy and strong spiritual connection with God and others, and our minds really bask in love—both loving and being loved—but what about our bodies?  

This is where things get really interesting to me. Love has such a profound impact on the body that there’s even a name for it: The honeymoon effect. During a phase of really intense love, people report feeling less pain, getting sick less frequently, and being overall more healthy. And there’s science behind this! I love it!  

Cell Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton has written a book entitled The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth. Dr. Lipton puts together quantum physics, biochemistry, and psychology (the conscious and subconscious minds) and teaches us in his book how to sustain the Honeymoon Effect.  

And what is really awesome is that Dr. Lipton didn’t write his book just so you and I could have healthy bodies, but so that we all could use this concept to have a healthy, loving world.  

If you’re new to my writing and my YouTube videos, you won’t know that I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in early 2017. Yes, it’s true . . . And I was able to use alternative treatments and non-toxic immunotherapy to come back into completely health.  

I put myself in a healing bubble, and love was part of my treatment plan. I learned first-hand how much love can support the innate immune function. Loving and being loved releases chemicals from the brain that have been shown to help to reduce inflammation in the body . . . And inflammation can cause pain and creates the right condition in the body for a whole host of medical conditions to arise.  

So I wanted to use the power of love to support my healing. My husband is Dr. Ivan Misner the founder of BNI—the world’s largest business networking organization. Ivan and I are good friends with Yakov Shmirnoff the comedian. Dr. Yakov Shmirnoff, I should say. He has a PhD in Psychology and does talks on how important love and laughter are for us. We enjoy hearing him talk about Love and Laughter, and so for us, love and laughter have kind of merged: Ivan purposefully made me laugh while I was in my healing bubble. Several times a day he would do something funny or say something that just hit me funny and made me laugh out loud . . . A big belly laugh. That really knit our hearts together in an even deeper expression of love.  

And we made sure our relationship was sustained by a high level of love between us. The little things that can often get couples annoyed with each other or make them feel irritated we just released and let them pass on by.  

With my Tai Chi and Qigong practices, I brought in a higher awareness of Universal Love which the ancient Daoists call the most powerful healing power that exists—and that’s compatible with my own faith tradition which teaches God is Love. So I did Qigong exercises and meditations which focus on building a greater and greater awareness of love inside the body. That love energy is then moved around to the body’s organs.  

Now, this isn’t something to do only when you’re sick and need to heal . . . Start doing it before you get to that point! This is something you can bring into your life right now. If you have no idea how to do this, go to my website——and use the “contact me” form to let me know you want to learn more.  

My life coach and creator of the Heart Freedom Method, Dr. Lise Janelle, says that love is not an emotion. It’s a state of being. I like that. It resonates with me. And I hold that state of being as the most powerful way to heal.

Let’s try a small Qigong exercise so I can demonstrate how it works:  

Settle yourself into a comfortable position, one in which your body can be relaxed and supported. Close your eyes and begin to deepen your breath, breathing in through the nose and out of the nose. Feel your belly rising and falling with each in breath and each out breath. Begin to bring your awareness into your heart, right in the center of your chest. Feel this area warming and glowing. Allow yourself to perceive the energy of pure love filling your heart as it continues to feel warm and glows even more brightly with a ruby red light. As your heart light shines brightly, allow yourself to have a heightened awareness of how much love is buiding up in your heart. Hold it within the heart until it expands so much that it begins to overflow.  

Guide the overflow of love from your heart down into your lower belly and feel love filling up the liver and the gallbladder, the stomach and the spleen, the kidneys and the bladder. Love is filling the entire lower abdominal cavity and all of the muscles, ligaments, and bones. See this area of your body glowing with this ruby red light of love, and allow yourself to feel yourself held within this love. Let a gentle smile come to your face and know that you are loved, so deeply loved. Feel all your organs and tissues of your body receiving this deep love. Slowly and gently, when you are ready, open your eyes with great compassion and joy.  

Did you feel that? Wow! And this was just a very short Qigong meditation and visualization . . . Imagine spending longer in this focus on love . . . Now you can see how Love can be a health treatment, as well as a state of being.   

Ah, well, this was fun! Thanks for being with me on my very first episode of the Abundant Health Podcast. I would love to meet you back here again next week!  

Until then, may you experience Abundant Health.