My friend Ken Stone and I had a fun conversation yesterday about resonance. Ken is known as the Soul Archaeologist and loves to help people live in a profound experience of connection with God. As we talked about resonance and the implications it carries for spirituality, we found common ground with our beliefs.


I shared with Ken my earliest awareness of resonance. It was at the age of 10 when I began taking piano lessons. My piano teacher taught me about harmonic resonance by showing me how to cause one string in my piano to ring out when I played another, lower note. I gently pressed the key for the high C note to pull the hammer back from the string. Then I could tap the key for a C note two octaves lower and the high C would begin to sound clearly. It was so exciting! I learned that I could open C, E, and G, the root chord for the key of C, tap a low C note, and all three strings would ring. Amazing.


I did not really understand the physics behind how it worked, but I had fun with harmonic resonance all the same.


Years later, as a singer, I became amazed by other singers who could sing a certain note and shatter a wine glass. I would try this, too, but never had any success making the glass break. It would be later that I would learn about the concept of natural frequency and amplitude.


Every glass has its own “natural frequency.” If the singer can match that frequency with the frequency of sound coming from her voice, the glass will begin to vibrate. That vibration becomes amplified the longer it vibrates, and eventually the glass will break. She won’t even have to sing at the top of her lungs to make this happen. She just needs to match the natural frequency.


This concept translates for me into my spiritual practices and experience of God. My spiritual practice has been historically quite “loud” with charismatic worship, fervent prayer, and lots of energy. But more and more lately, I’m reminded of 1 Kings 19 and Elijah’s experience with the strong wind, the loud tumult of the earthquake, and the roar of the fire – in none of these loud expressions did Elijah hear God’s voice. It wasn’t until these ruckuses died down that Elijah heard the gentle whisper, sometimes translated as the “still, quiet voice.”


For me (and it may not be the same for you, that is the beauty of our individuality), finding that natural frequency of God in stillness and quietness have I been able to resonate like the glass and finally had my heart broken open from the amplification of that frequency. My spiritual director said to me a number of years ago, “I sense that God is opening a contemplative door for you, Beth.” She was right. It is a door I have walked through and taken up residence in the infinite God-space beyond it.


As Ken and I continued to discuss resonance, he asked me what I feel will happen in our world when enough people begin to resonate with the natural frequency of God. First I wanted to mention that I see LOVE as the natural frequency of God. It is God’s nature. Love is God. God is love. When enough people are resonating with God’s unconditional love, there will be a massive amplification of love that will shatter boundaries that have been self constructed between us: men and women, white and black, gay and straight, Christian and Muslim. These tribal boundaries will drop away and finally (!) we will be able to truly love one another as God loves all of us.


This is inevitable. It is how resonance works. It is prophesied not only for humanity, but even for the animal kingdom.


Who will be part of this resonance NOW? Will you?


If you are saying YES, please join me with Ken at The Resonance Experiment online September 16th.