Reverend Beth
Reverend Beth

As a being who understands I am entirely a small piece of the mighty power that burst into the material universe—the I Am—I very much enjoy worshiping and praising the Almighty God. When I worship, I experience an enormous flow of love for God, and at the same time, I receive a reciprocal flow of love from God. My sense of who I am, the small self—as I think of the identity I inhabit as Elisabeth Misner—really enjoys sitting, awestruck and amazed, by the Glory of the Lord. 

And this includes the being referred to as the Son of Man, Jesus the Christ. I love Jesus! And I love to sing praises to this amazing being who died, yet still lives. I love to pray to Jesus, to the Father, and to the Great Holy Spirit. I love to sit in stillness and feel the unconditional love all that we know and experience as “God” pours into my small self, as the I Am loves the identity I have created as myself within my own mind from concepts, beliefs, experiences, memories, and dreams.

At the same time, I am aware that the I Am inhabits all that I see, experience, and love, as the Glory of the Lord: including the identity where I find my small self. When this started to become my everyday experience of who I truly am at the deepest level, at one with the I Am, I wondered, “Then why do I love to worship? Why do I continue to pray so fervently? And I simply praying to my true Self? If so, why??”

As I learn from people far more wise than I, things swim into focus more clearly. For God to experience Life as the I Am, the individual identities are very much necessary. And as the identity, the small self, I have to be able to have an experience of Elisabeth Misner in order to move and BE in the physical world, learning to receive and extend love. 

So while the small self wrestles with concepts like duality and non-duality, it also becomes aware that the expression of worship and praise is completely natural and rises up organically. I am the same and different. The part of me that seems different cannot help but worship the I Am. I hold both duality and non-duality within my experience or I would not be able to experience unity and merging with the I Am. 

I have learned the depth of this both/and concept from the teachings of the Tao. The great sages of Daoism have been saying many of the same phrases we have access to as the teachings of the Master Jesus. As I used to read these phrases couched in my Christian worldview, I struggled to completely understand them. 

Being one with God to the point I where found my small self merging in complete unity was not encouraged by the branches of Christian teaching I found myself. It felt like a secret I could not share with anyone, but it was becoming so natural, so clear. As I read the words of Lao Tzu and the iChing, it is like gazing at one of those dot-matrix paintings and seeing an image of dolphins coming into view. 

When the Great I Am Spirit-energy burst into the startling, complex, and so-different manifestations of physical matter, how could all that matter be simply anything other than one with its originating energetic impulse? It would be impossible for it not to be.

Just as my own child was formed within my body, from my cells, molecules, and atomic and sub-atomic particles, the child is physically and energetically ME, the child is my husband, my mother, my father, my grandmother, my grandfather, all the way through to the very first procreated physical being. And yet the child is also very much a separate being, having a unique experience in the world as concepts, beliefs, experiences, memories, and dreams form the identity this child holds now, learning to receive and give love. 

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos.” In other words, even though we experience ourselves as physical, small-self beings, we are energy. We are Great I Am Spirit-energy. No one of us ALL that is, but each one of us is fully of the All that is

We are beginning to understand this from the side of science, but the ancient sages of Daoism and my beloved, Master Jesus the Christ, understood it from experience and knowing in the matrix of their beings. How could experiencing this unity be any different for us as energetic AND physical manifestations of the I Am? 

We are, each one of us, not every part of God, but every part of each of us is completely God. 

Einstein’s quote finishes with, “We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.”

My soul is playing the music of adoration, worship, praise, and perfect love. And I LOVE Jesus.