You have set your intentions, identified your goals, and yet, you are not experiencing the abundant health that can be yours. It might be due to the programming in your subconscious that you are being held back.

Beth uses the Heart Freedom Method to gently re-teach your subconscious mind the truths of who you are now and how you are manifesting your own healing and wholeness. She is also a meditation facilitator and a qigong teacher, and can empower you with centering techniques that will give you the ability to use your mind to bring the deepest levels of healing to your body.

Mindfulness is often overlooked when focusing on healing and health, but Beth understands that it is possibly the most important part of getting healthy and straying there. The idea of meditation can be intimidating and overwhelming, but in reality, it is so simple, unassuming, and easy to implement. Beth teaches several styles of meditation, and one of them is bound to resonate with you. From Vipassana, Qigong, and Christian contemplative meditation, Beth will be able to help you plug in to a mindfulness practice that will benefit you and complement your own personality and belief system.

Learn Wild Goose Qigong with Beth.

New Mind, New Body

I'm having fun going through one of Joe Dispenza's live events on the Gaia online tv channel based on his newest book, Becoming Supernatural. If you've been following me for the past three years, you know that his book, You Are the Placebo, was one of my impactful...

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Future Memories

Photo by Beth Misner, All Rights Reserved We are well into month 4 of the Great Pause. And it’s starting to take a bit of a toll on my mental health, to be honest. I probably went all over town a bit too much, and then all of that came to a screeching halt, and I was...

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Tomorrow Is A New Day

I have been having a challenge lately with a couple of my ribs in the back where they attach into the thoracic spine. Called “Slipping Rib Syndrome,” this condition can create a lot of pain in the body that radiates in all kinds of surprising directions. What has been...

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Where’s the Beef?

I don't know what's going on for me lately, but I am having a hard time with eating meat! And I don't mean only physically, but emotionally. While I was making lamb patties the other day for our lunch, I looked down at my hands covered in the ground flesh of this...

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