Beth Misner, Abundant HealthI’m having fun going through one of Joe Dispenza’s live events on the Gaia online tv channel based on his newest book, Becoming Supernatural. If you’ve been following me for the past three years, you know that his book, You Are the Placebo, was one of my impactful reads while I was healing metastatic breast cancer using integrative and alternative therapies, rather than conventional cancer care.

At that time, I realized I wanted to create a new mind within my brain because the current mind I had was causing challenges for my body. And I got that as I was creating a new mind, I had to communicate to that new mind that I was stepping into a new body, too. I wanted everything that could change to change.

I grew my hair out and let it go wild and curly, I got bold, new glasses and wore them all the time (not just to watch tv/movies or to drive), I changed my style of clothing, I changed up my daily routine regularly so my mind did not have a chance to get lulled into a sense of sameness, and even moved around the furniture in my home and started driving my husband’s car instead of my truck.

But I have to say after watching five episodes so far of Becoming Supernatural, I did not understand all the ins and outs of WHY it was important to anchor my new body in a new mind at the time I was doing it three years ago. The good thing is that even what I did understand back then helped me heal quickly and completely. Now that I’ve been able to do an even deeper dive on this, I’m very impressed with how easily Dr. Dispenza communicates the “why” and even more impressed with the power of the BodyMind connection.

Here it is in a nutshell: when the body goes into cruise control mode because the routine is the same each day, what the brain takes in is the same each day (same hair, same face, same clothes, same furniture in the same places, same route to work, same menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner . . . you get the drift), and the body becomes the mind for all intents and purposes. And so the body creates the past over and over and over by maintaining the status quo out of habit and routine.

When you want to move into healing, a whole state, you must take the mind out of the body and create a new body from the perspective of putting the mind back up in the brain where YOU are consciously controlling the way each day expresses itself.

You can’t repeat yesterday day after day and end up with a different future!

That made so much sense to me. I hope it does to you, too. I’d love to hear what you think . . . let’s talk about it in the comments, or come back to the social media page where you got the link to this blog and let’s talk about it there.

Tell me what you think about this approach to creating a new, healed experience!