Expansion: Original Watercolor by Elisabeth Misner

I’m fascinated by science. I am the first-born daughter of an engineer who worked in the 60’s and early 70’s at NASA to help develop the fueling technology for the space program. Around 5th grade, I thought I might like to become a geologist, but I was raised in a church that held to the belief the earth is 6,000 years old, that evolution is an unproven, godless “theory” used to validate the humanistic viewpoint and to support atheism, so that pretty much was out for me. “One should be-ware of such ideas and teachings,” I was told. I did not understand non duality, but I had a total grip on duality.

What about believing scientists who understand evolution as a Divine creative process that has taken place over millions of years, as evident in the universe: people like Francis Collins who headed the Human Genome Project and also founded the BioLogos Foundation to study the intersection of science and faith. I have had a long season of exploration, curiosity, and encounters with many other scientific concepts and conclusions which have profound spiritual implications, especially on the concept of non duality.

Quantum Science

It’s fascinating to take a layman’s peek into, for example, quantum physics, called by Einstein “spooky.” I have delivered messages in churches about the magnificence of creation we are only just beginning to comprehend the depth and wonder of as we explore dark matter, alternate timelines/dimensions, and the multiverse. We’ve long felt that there is more going on than meets the eye. And many of us have also long felt that there is an intelligent Mover setting things in motion, revealed by fractals, the Holographic Principle, and even the Big Bang itself.

I began to ponder the relationship between energy, pure energy or the Divine spark, and our physical realm, including our bodies, our brains, and our biological lives, including consciousness. At the same time, I was intently studying the concepts of duality and non-duality. I had accepted a world view of duality: explained simply that God is God and I am not — I have a distinct identity that will live on after my body ceases. The idea I had was that I will exist (after being judged), simply in a different form — in my “incorruptible body.” I will recognize and be overjoyed by being reunited with loved ones, perhaps even with pets I had loved in this life.

Non Duality

And then I went deeper into consideration of non duality, the idea that there is no separation between God and all that is, or even between the elements of creation. We are of the same “stuff,” for lack of a more technical word. God is said to be revealed in the creation. And what is the creation? It is manifested out of the God-ness of the energetic impulse. Think of the Divine spark as the equal sign in E=mc2, energy and matter are not two separate, distinct sides of the equation. Energy is matter. Matter is energy. It is simply being expressed in a different form: like water and steam. They have different properties, but they are not separate THINGS.

When energy exploded into thing-ness, or matter, suddenly there were edges, boundaries, and finiteness. And the unavoidable misunderstanding came in that matter has a separate identity. It’s unavoidable. We have sensing organs: we can see, we can hear, we can touch, we can take all the experiences we have and create an identity of the self in our magnificent minds. Does that make us separate or apart from the originating energetic field? Or is it our sense of perception that creates separation and makes it seem SO real? Some of us spend the larger part of our lives re-integrating, while others find the way to unity much more quickly. Jesus prayed for humanity to find that unity, remember?

I’ll have more to say about Jesus’s non-dual teachings and all the sign posts he gave us to lead us back into integration, but first I wanted to explore how the DISintegration happens in the first place. It comes from the simple and unintended, UNAVOIDABLE misunderstanding, a natural conclusion a created being born of a cosmic event — the foundation of the world — would make. The concepts upon which the Christian church was founded to correct this misunderstanding are so rich, inviting, and exciting. But the direction the message would be bent in the 400 years after Jesus’s crucifixion only moved most of humanity farther away from integration and has kept us stuck in disintegration and separation. And the more disintegrated we are, the more division, animosity, hostility, and enmity exists between us.

Is there a way to recover the teachings of Jesus on this topic, stripped of layers of centuries of perpetuation of the unavoidable misunderstanding created beings have internalized and accepted as truth? I believe there is, and it is this recovery I am devoted to. I hope you’ll stick with me and join the conversation. I believe it’s the most important conversation of your life.