For training and education, along with practical experience and nutrition as it relates to healing, Beth opens the doorway for your discovery of abundant health. Using food as medicine never tasted so delicious or felt so good. This is central to Beth’s message of health and longevity and is at the heart of The Misner Plan. Too often we eat for the pleasure of our taste buds, not taking into consideration the impact of what and how we eat has on our physical bodies. Beth teaches simple cooking techniques and recipes that bring deliciousness and health together in the kitchen.


Beth Misner introduces Chef Rose in the kitchen at the Misner home in Austin, Texas.

Wood Element Health

Photo by Beth MisnerAll Rights Reserved 2020 This is a picture of the tree that greets me every time I pull into my drive way when I return home. I think of this tree as a good friend; yes, I said a friend! And trees are our friends. Without them, our planet would not...

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Salt: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What’s the deal with salt? Is it good for us, bad for us; should we use it, should we avoid it; Is it important for our health, is it bad for our health? As a nutritionist, sometimes I cringe when I read certain things or hear people say, “I have to limit my salt...

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Where’s the Beef?

I don't know what's going on for me lately, but I am having a hard time with eating meat! And I don't mean only physically, but emotionally. While I was making lamb patties the other day for our lunch, I looked down at my hands covered in the ground flesh of this...

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Free Healthcare

I recently watched Qigong master, Dr. Roger Janhke's Facebook Live and heard him sharing about the REAL free healthcare. He said that Medicare is not really free healthcare; it's free medicine/drugs and surgeries! He went on to say that HEALTHcare is truly free,...

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Mood Disorder Diagnosis

Upon hearing the words in 2009 from Dr. Darmal, a psychiatrist at the Amen Clinics, that would change my relationship with myself, I was stunned, shocked, and mostly mortified.  “You have a low-level mood disorder and extreme ADD,” he said.  After 45 years of...

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Happy Trees Teach Me A Lesson

     We are having a spectacular display of fall color from our trees here in Central Texas. The trees are so brilliant: the bright reds, oranges, yellows, and all the variations of these three colors combined. It is simply magnificent.       I noticed an article...

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