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If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I have just completed reading Cynthia Bourgeault’s book, The Wisdom Jesus, and that I was moved and thoroughly blessed by her writing, the depth of her thoughts and her conclusions as to the meaning of Jesus’s life and teachings and the love he holds out for us and up to us. It has been an interesting nearly ten years for me spiritually, and coming through this past year with healing extensive, metastatic cancer has only deepened my path. I have told others: “When you are ready, the right teacher will show up.” Well, I can tell that I am ready for Rev. Bourgeault!

Over the past number of years, I have quietly been experiencing a deeply spiritual transformation in my understanding and experience of God as LOVE. It has been happening slowly, carefully, and with great intention and attention on my part. Taking the time out to create the Business Voices movement within the BNI Foundation side-lined my spiritual inquiry, but wouldn’t you know? Cancer gave me the impetus to continue on my spiritual path and return to the transformation that was underway.

A New Beginning

Throughout my healing journey, I have taken the icon of the butterfly for myself, seeing that I was physically inside a cocoon for quite a while, and now I am emerging as a new creature in every way. The implications of this icon flow through my spiritual transformation, too. It’s a total metamorphosis, and one that I am the better for!

During the next few months and year or so, I will be sharing more in depth with you about the journey I sense God has me on. I have tested the fruits, as we are told to do in Scripture, and the evidence to me that God is holding me on this path shines through. I am in a new place of expanded agape and unity with the Creator that I did not even know could exist. And it has come to be this way through my studies of Jesus, his teaching, his path, and his life both pre- and post-crucifixion.

The whole point of the Christian faith practice is to bring us into abiding love where we are united with God and experience “at-one-ment” with the energetic urge that brought all that is into being AND all that was brought into being! I have a sense of being “home” and realize that it is time for me to come off a religious┬ápath and simply live in this home where labels, tribes, doctrines, dogma, codes of belief, favored interpretations of favored translations, intentional separation based on beliefs, and all other divisive practices, thoughts, and actions are not part of the expression of who I am in Christ.

I know you may be wondering just what that means, so I will be doing my best to explain and share from the heart where I am. Please let me be clear: I LOVE Jesus! It is Jesus who led me to this expansive, all-encompassing love and understanding of life and its meaning/purpose. I know many of my Christian friends will worry about me. I understand that completely, AND I trust God with where I am and the fruits of this part of my journey with the Divine. If you look into my life, I pray that you will actually see Jesus; I pray that you will only see LOVE.

What a blessing it is to be on the journey with you . . . I know there are many of you who are on this same path with me. My hope is that we can bear each other up, sharing the love of God with each other in ways that heal, uplift, strengthen, and transform our lives in powerful, miraculous ways. What God has started, no one can stop.

It is really quite amazing.

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