This is a picture of the tree that greets me every time I pull into my drive way when I return home. I think of this tree as a good friend; yes, I said a friend! And trees are our friends. Without them, our planet would not sustain life.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) the Wood Element is critical to our health, as well. The Wood Element has many features, including the Zang and Fu organs of the liver and gallbladder.

The color that corresponds with the Wood Element is GREEN, and no wonder, as trees have such beautifully varied shades of green leaves. The home we chose in Austin is surrounded with the Wood Element’s color.

I thought on my blog today, I’d share a simple, healing exercise you can do right where you are sitting that will balance the Wood Element energy in your body and support the amazing work of your liver and gall bladder.

So get comfy, sit in a relaxed posture with your feet on the ground. What you are going to do is simple, and it will feel amazing! Simply take a deep breath in and visualize it coming into your body as a green mist. Follow the movement of the mist into your body and imagine it settling in your liver which is located just in the area of your lower right ribcage, completely changing your liver into a lovely shade of Spring green.

Take five deep breaths like this, breathing in the green mist and sending it down to your liver. Ahhhh, doesn’t that feel great?

It’s also interesting to note that bitter greens are known to support healthy liver function, and TCM focuses on these foods as part of the Wood Element, too. So enjoy some bitter greens from time to time to nourish your liver.

And next time you see a beautiful tree like the one I drive past on my way to my home, allow yourself to feel an expansion of gratitude for the way our trees nurture us.